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Top 10 Things You Won’t Be Getting For Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Santa’s been checking his list and gassing up the reindeer to head out to bring Christmas joy to all the good little girls and boys. As you hobble, bleary eyed, down the stairs on Christmas morning, there are a few things on... read more

How To Be A Standup Comedian

So you’re a wicked funny dude, a class-clown, or a cut-up and you’re ready to head to the open mic and become a working comic. Well, hold your horses chucky, because there’s a lot to becoming a successful standup. Here are my top tips: 1. Eat a lot... read more

Russian Twerking Shit

I know almost nothing about Russia, except what I see on Youtube videos. Forget dash-cam videos, those Russiky bastards sure like to drink and dance. Here’s some crazy twerk / wiggles stuff that makes Mylie look sane. Are they some kind of sports team? And, in... read more

Ninja Cough Syrup

The ninja, silent shinobi warriors of ancient Japan were renowned for their skills in stealth, espionage, and warfare. But, how was one to stay stealthy if one was bothered by a seasonal cold? A cough or a sneeze could instantly give away an otherwise stealthy... read more

Understand Social Media Abbreviations and Slang

Social media these days is full of slang terms like LOL, WTF, and AMA. If some of these abbreviations have left you perplexed, join the club. I have literally spent hours on sites like Friendster, Myspace, The Facebook, and Tweeter and I’m going to explain what... read more

Top Baby Names For 2014

We’ve compiled the list of top baby names for 2014. Did your children’s names make the list, or will they be ostracized as total freaks? Like past years, some of this year’s most popular baby names are a little different. Boys 2014 Baby Names... read more

Top 10 Santa Claus Facts You Didn’t Know

It’s Christmas time again, that magical time when a fat old dude with breaks into your house. No, we’re not talking about my Uncle Lou, we’re talking about Santa, of course. Here are some things I bet you didn’t know about Santa: 1. Santa Claus... read more

Top 5 Tips For Black Friday Holiday Shopping 2014

Holiday shopping is upon us, and Black Friday 2014 promises some grea deals, and a high body count. Here are some tips for making the most of of the holiday joy of doorbuster melee. 1. Shop naked and greased. Your opponents will be unable to get a good hold on your... read more

Why I Don’t Drink Very Often

I don’t drink very often, and I think I have a good reason. I have a “family history of substance abuse.” Isn’t that a nice way of putting it? We have to make everything sound all nice and PC these days. Here are a few other ways we might put... read more

WTF Music Video

This is why people in China shouldn’t use drugs. I used Google Translate to read the description. Here’s what I got: Wang Rong latest Divine Comedy “chick chick” MV premiere! In the creation of this song, the song of the concert, there is a... read more

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